Lifecycle Support Services

As the J-Squared Technologies industry leader, we have a deep knowledge of our Customers, their diverse markets, product applications, environments and thus, needs. Our understanding of these requirements led to the creation of the Solution Services portfolio. This portfolio is a suite of services designed to meet our Customers’ needs at each phase of their product lifecycle.

The Solution Services portfolio can be focused in 4 functional service offerings based on typical product development and lifecycles: Design, Deployment, Renewal and Sustain phases.

J-Squared provides scalable, a-la-carte or bundled support services to our Customers to meet individual tailored business requirements. Typical base requirements include additional warranty, technical support and repair services for both active and discontinued products and may include lead-time reduction requirements. There are several standard services available throughout the product life cycle (PLC), summarized below on the following pages.

Customers expect their programs to have long product service lives. To this end, J-Squared offers services for each phase of the life cycle for products. J-Squared proposes proactive and regular involvement with Customers in managing the Product Life Cycle (PLC) to ensure smooth transitions to evolutionary or disruptive technologies, with emphasis on an evergreen product evolution, as well as sustainment (MRO) of fielded products to meet our Customers contractual or policy requirements. Today, J-Squared continues to ship products to Customers that have significantly surpassed the minimum product life cycle plans established for the product.