Reliability and Availability Engineering, Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Technical Support

Gold Technical Support Program

The Gold Technical Support Program is for use by customers during their production deployment phase, and provides customers with direct telephone support by J-Squared’s Technical Assistance Center (JTAC), staffed by experienced J-Squared support personnel. JTAC can provide customers with technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

The Gold Technical Support Program also provides customers with online access to create, view and update their Service Requests through the Customer Resource Center, described below. This convenient feature means customers can cut-and-paste or attach relevant information to their Service Request, so support personnel are equipped to resolve requests quickly and efficiently. The Gold Technical Support program also provides the following services and features:

Product Change Notification

Customers enrolled in the Gold Technical Support program also receive proactive product change notification to alert them to changes by subscription to e-mail notification or via an online Customer Information Portal, described below.

Allowable Number of Service Requests

The Gold Technical Support Program offers customers an unlimited number of allowable service requests to JTAC support personnel to Customers via direct toll-free telephone access or the Customer Resource Center.

Committed Response Time and Authorized Contacts

The Gold Technical Support Program offers customers formalized response and problem resolution time goals including a one hour committed response time goal for critical problems. Customers also receive access for up to 20 (twenty) authorized contacts to report problems or submit questions electronically to JTAC using the Customer Resource Center.

Escalation Management

GTAC will evaluate information regarding support issues and provide guidance and troubleshooting assistance to aid in problem resolution. The JTAC engineers use a formal escalation process for obtaining further levels of engineering support.

Customer Resource Center
Gold Technical Support Program customers will be provided with a password to gain access to J-Squared’s Customer Resource Center online services using the Internet. The Customer Resource Center provides the following information and services:

Customer Information Portal: Access to hardware change control, software revision and product life cycle information.

Online Knowledge Database: Access to J-Squared’s Online Knowledge Database that contains information on known problems and solutions and technical FAQs on J-Squared’s products. This information is available 24 hours a day.

Response and Resolution Times

J-Squared will make best efforts to resolve ninety-eight percent (98%) of the problems submitted by customers as set forth below. J-Squared will provide final resolution to service requests in accordance with the following goals:

Response and Resolution Times

The term “Response” in the above table is defined as the time it takes a J-Squared technical specialist to contact the customer’s technical representative in response to the creation of a problem report.

Technical Account Manager
Customers of the Gold Support Program are provided with a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to ensure effective communication between the J-Squared and Customer support teams

Silver and Bronze Technical Support

For customers who do not require all the services offered in our Gold Technical Support program, we offer Silver and Bronze Technical Support programs with fewer features, yet still focused on production deployment support services. Details for the Silver Support program can be provided separately.

Defect Resolution Times

J-Squared will provide a resolution to reported defects as indicated in Table 6.

  • J-Squared will provide an Initial Resolution to Critical and Major defects as a patch which has been narrowly tested to address the specific defect report.

J-Squared will provide a Final Resolution to Critical, Major and Minor defects in the form of a Service Pack or a Release update


Extended Warranties

Most standard products offered by J-Squared carry a basic, return to factory warranty program. Customers can purchase customized extensions from J-Squared to the standard manufacturer warranties to multi-year coverage as needs dictate.