Root Cause Analysis

J-Squared conforms to an industry TL9000 process used to monitor product returns and failures by Customers, product variants, defect types and material types. If one of these four return types exceeds the pre-determined TL9000 thresholds, J-Squared can automatically initiate a corrective action procedures to determine the cause and effect of the non-conforming product and/or process and bring it back into compliance.

In the event that a Customer requires an analysis not covered under the TL9000 metrics, J-Squared’s Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Service can provide an in-depth engineering level evaluation of products suspected of failing or deviating from the published specification. Root Cause Analysis helps determine not only what and how a specific event occurred, but also why it happened and the steps required preventing future occurrences.

The J-Squared Root Cause Analysis process is modeled after the industry standard 8D problem solving methodology, principles, and format. Root Cause Analysis will pinpoint the exact nature of the failure, identify the failing element and suggest remedial actions. If the problem is due to a J-Squared manufacturing process or supplier, a corrective action process will be implemented to bring any non-conforming process or components back into compliance. In addition, a report will be generated that fully documents the findings of the root cause analysis.