System Engineering, Integration and Manufacturing

systemengineeringJ-Squared’s experienced staff is intimately familiar with proposed platform elements, engineering, manufacture, test and OS/Middleware software to efficiently manage change, improve processes, and resolve issues effectively and collaboratively with the Customer’s program team.

J-Squared provides support in the areas of product engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, test engineering, new product introduction, purchasing, and information technology, as well as program management as required by the Customer’s program specifics.


System Engineering Functions led by J-Squared can include:

  • Development, specification, design, layout and vendor selection of the complete chassis shelf/rack or frame level platform solution(s) at the BoM/Model Structure consistent with the Customer’s release guidelines;
  • Build early product pilots for Customer’s testing and/or Customer’s labs;
  • Generate chassis, shelf/rack or frame-level documentation, mechanical and electrical drawings, and build instructions;
  • Build system configuration rules from Customer’s product requirements;
  • Build early product pilots for Customer’s for new product introduction for Customer’s testing or Customer’s labs;
  • Participate and maintain action registers on weekly status meeting with Customer;
  • Prepare and manage quarterly technical reviews;
  • Develop, support, maintain, and update manufacturing system test software for use by Customer’s for the product lifecycle;
  • Manage engineering change notification (ECN) assessment and evaluation/testing system impact;
  • ECN cut in management and timing to correspond with Customer’s software releases;
  • Interoperability testing of key components of the platform solution (backwards/forwards compatibility);
  • System Integration and Validation test execution (SInV);
  • Engineering Change Order Regression Test (RT);
  • Supply chain management; vendor selection and qualification management for 3rd Partiy products;
  • Product return and replacement management to/from defined Customer global sites;
  • Optionally, provide regular regulatory test cycle to include all Nationally Recognized Test Labs (NRTL) test and certification fees and provide necessary materials, including products, required to perform testing, as follows:
    • Procure, assemble, configure, and test release representative systems;
    • Manage system testing throughout cycle;
    • Develop test plans, documentation, required test software and test harnesses;
    • Work with third party suppliers to perform root cause analysis and effect corrective actions in the event of failures or deficiencies;
    • Maintain required certifications for all releases and applied ECNs for product lifecycle;
    • Retest new release configurations at periodically;
    • Manage documentation and reporting to Customer’s;
  • Develop and apply specific branding, labeling, and packaging specifications;
  • Provide access to manufacturing, quality and test metrics;
  • Development or integration with Customer packaging, shipping and handling standards;
  • Global shipping logistics to Customers or Customer’s end Customer;
  • Access to a J-Squared Program Manager for single point of contact;
  • Licensed access to J-Squared’s standard product documentation source;
  • Maintain configuration requirements matrix with Customer Marketing release;
  • Electronic order management system for released products;
  • Manage supply chain logistics with 3rd Party free issue elements;

  • Board, chassis, shelf, rack & frame-level assembly, manufacturing, and testing; integration, assembly and test of configured payload assemblies per defined documentation and checklists;
  • Configuration engineering, management, release recording and tracking for finished goods;
  • Develop and maintain documentation requirements for regulatories and standards; IPC Material Declaration forms, CoC’s etc…;
  • Load and test Customer-specified application S/W;
  • Integrate with and maintain Customer’s quality programs for integrated solutions with J-Squared’s industry leading practices and standards.