Reduced Lead Time Supply Chain Program (Supply Chain Logistics)

J-Squared can offer a tailored demand-pull buffered inventory program to Customers that require aggressive product lead-times, while keeping inventory costs and liability to a minimum. This program allows select Customer’s programs with the flexibility to respond to variances in order forecast and the ability to respond to short-cycle “upside” demand.

Upon establishing the buffered inventory level required to meet the program lead-time goals and the level of product configurability to be managed, the program uses a rolling Customer-supplied demand forecast with a weekly resolution to drive buffer replenishment. J-Squared provides management tools to improve and maintain forecast accuracy and enables Customers to take advantage of un-forecasted opportunities. The demand-pull buffered inventory program reduces lead-time, increases flexibility by allowing fulfillment of un-forecasted orders, and improves end-user Customer satisfaction with timely order fulfillment and delivery.